The 15 Best Erector Spinae Muscles Exercises


Do you want to strengthen your erectors, also known as your back strap muscles? You should because those muscles hold you up! Your erectors ensure you are stable, strong, and aligned. Weak erectors can lead to poor posture and back pain.

The 15 Best Erector Spinae Muscles Exercises2022-09-16T03:47:04-08:00

How to Perform Oblique Twists Properly


If you are looking for a powerful exercise that will engage your core and improve your posture, oblique twists are the way to go. The obliques are one of the three major muscles that make up the abdominals (the other two being the rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis). This simple but impactful exercise is great for strengthening the oblique muscles, which cover the larger part of your waist and abdomen. It is an effective move for athletes because it helps enhance rotational movement, which is beneficial for many sports.

How to Perform Oblique Twists Properly2022-09-16T03:47:05-08:00
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