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The Critical First Two Steps to Overcoming Your Obstacle

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There hits a point where you are boiling with either excitement or frustation, and you are ready to take action RIGHT NOW and get started with succeeding at your mission, whether it be overcoming back pain or losing weight.

After a short amount of time, however, things fizzle out and next thing you know you are right back where you started from. Why though?

Let me give you a hint. Why do you think the military spends 80% of the time planning and only 20% executing?

When you properly plan you can:

  • See all obstacles in front of you.
  • Create a structure that is self motivating.
  • Create a huge goal that does the motivation for you.
  • Take the time to tell the world about your goal, which forces you to succeed.

This episode we are going to discuss the benefits of:

  • Picking a goal so big that it MovesU.
  • Announcing this goal to the world.
  • We love you guys and stand for your success.

– Dr. Mike & MoveU


  1. I feel motivated. Great reminders in this podcast. I also like the new intro & exit songs. Stepping it up! Awesome. I had stopped getting the new podcasts in my podcast app and had to reload the feed. All is good now.

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