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Does Crossfit Cause Injuries?

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Crossfit is a relatively new sport, and there is plenty of controversy associated with the safety of the workouts (WODS).

In this episode Andrew and Dr. Mike discuss the Crossfit mentality, the movements, and the likeliness of getting injured while participating. You will also learn early warning signs that an injury is the in the near future along with prevention strategies.


  1. Great cast guys, hit the nail on the head! Love the videos as well, spot on!
    Get on iTunes please, so the MoveuNation can download podcasts.
    Also just became a Registered Massage Therapist, and you guys have given me TONS of excellent info I can pass on to my clients. (got a Kin. degree as well)

  2. Great stuff guys! I live in South Carolina and I’ve been chasing pain for too long. I’ve been watching all your videos on instagram and it’s been changing the way I exercise and the way I move everything!

    1. That’s great to hear Jayson! Keep up the good work!

      If you haven’t already – sign up for our Live Webinar!, you’ll learn a ton more there 🙂


      Team MoveU

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