Man With Terrible Posture
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How to Correct Your Terrible Posture!

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Lets get in detail and…

  1. Learn the research behind back pain and poor posture.
  2. Naturally improve your posture by mastering the 6 key alignment exercises.
  3. Take action and improve your posture right now through guided instruction.
  4. Listen to Andrew & Dr. Mike trying to figure out how to fix their audio problem.

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  1. Awesome podcast guys!

    Came here from Instagram-Had no idea you even had a podcast. Can you get it up on Spotify? I’d love to save them for offline listening for my commute to work.

    Do a boomerang on Instagram of the 6-step sitting posture to go along with this. It’d be super helpful to visualize.

    1. Thanks for the awesome ideas and great feedback Aaron! We’ll look into adding the podcast to Spotify asap!

      Happy Saturday!

      Team MoveU

  2. Thanks so much for the podcast and for all the video you posted, they’ve helped me a lot.

    1. We’re happy to hear that Ana! Keep up the good work and let us know if you have any questions/issues we can help with 🙂

      Team MoveU

  3. Would be hugely appreciative of these being posted on spotify…

    Thanks for all the great info and entertainment you provide!

    p.s. – Dudes… Sloth. It was Sloth.

    1. Hi D,

      Thanks for the note. We’re hoping to get on Spotify soon too!



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