The Quadratus Lumborum Muscle
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Mobilize This Muscle to Loosen Up Your Back

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Along your journey to prevent or reduce back pain, there is one particular muscle that is almost always forgotten. Today, we’ll discuss this muscle in detail, including what you can do today, for a better tomorrow.


  1. I’m excited dudes !
    A Q.L. Podcast
    I had the tightess QL in the world before December 24th 2016. That was the date I joined the MoveU Methot. As of right now, 2 months later, my QL is almost zero tight and my lower is doing amazing
    I tell you almost everyday but you fuc**n rock guys

  2. I’m so excited I missed a word…My lower BACK is feeling like DA BOMB (like in a good way)

  3. I’ve had a light bulb moment in he last few months and discovered the tightness in my QL and how much this is affecting my day to day life. I’m one of those people who feel 90 when I get out of bed but I’m not even 30, massive sway back. Ive given up playing the sport I love in Janurary and pulled out of a National tour because of my back pain. With your Instagram, Poscasts and website sessions I’ve learnt a great deal. My Physio and PT are an amazing duo who have helped with this discovery when I thought there was no other option than surgery. Looking forward to feeling some gains and progress!

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