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The Missing Piece: What the Medical System Doesn’t See

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**This was recorded on my iPhone in the backwoods of Wisconsin**

There is a huge gap between pain relief and returning to an active life. Once you learn the bridge between the two it is much easier to cross over to a long term, pain-free active life. The medical and alternative health care systems focuses 100% of their efforts into pain relief including drugs, surgeries, and pain relief therapies.

The reason pain even exists is from an alignment problem, misuse, or disuse of the body. Therefore, even the best medical treatment or procedure on the planet will only give you a longer amount of temporary relief. Today I will passionately help you understand how to bridge the gap and move your ass past pain relief, and back to an active and amazing life.


  1. Thank you a lot for these podcasts. I’m currently just a college student and found your instagram when looking for pre-hab stuff to help me stay healthy in athletics. Now find myself listening to these podcasts while stretching and doing band work in my dorm at night. Hearing how passionate you are solidifies myself in what I’m studying at school and want to accomplish in life. Thanks again

  2. This is so great, every word! You guys are already impacting so many people, I have learned more about my body mechanics in 1 day vs my whole life. Will continue to share your passion with my friends and family and look forward to every post!

    1. We’re happy to help Alyssa! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

      – Team MoveU

  3. First podcast I listened to. Loved it. You can hear the passion in your voice! Keep it up!

  4. This is great!!!! Thank you for this, hit home for me.

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