How Long Does it Take to Eliminate Pain & Get Back in Action?

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Here are a couple of questions that we get all the time… How long will it take to fix my problem?  When can I go back to what I was doing before the pain started? The truth is… the truth will set you free!

Recovery, maintenance, and self-discovery are a lifelong journey – and not to be stopped when you hit a certain level. If you stop, you regress – period! In comparison to a car – you think you have been in cruise control and living your life, but in reality, you have been in neutral and heading down a mountain road with no brakes. You had to jerk the car off the road – and then hit into some barriers. Now your car is damaged. Putting it back on the road and continuing the coast downhill will leave you broken down on the side of the road for good – unless you do something different, and do it different forever.

The process of building your physical strength and health is no different than building a career or another type of great achievement.  A plan + daily execution / the course of time = results! Chronic pain is not a disease that needs to be treated – its a matter of cause and effect. Take control of your body!

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  1. Another amazing podcast. I know the frog analogy but never realized I was the frog. Dang, you helped me own being the frog. Important wake up call. As I continue to do the exercises, my back is achy in all these different ways, every day is different. But I know it’s a process and it hurts so good. That’s for providing the motivation to keep going.

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