Be the Hero of Your Own Story – Don’t Look for One…

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When people suffer an injury or any other challenge, fear and short-term thinking can take over. This leads to paralysis, a helplessness, and you desperately look for someone to save you. This is a natural response – but a reactive response, and not a proactive response.

In virtually every story told there is a hero. The hero is not perfect. The hero has problems and struggles. He then meets a guide who gives them a plan. If the hero follows the plan, he succeeds. If he does not, he fails. In order to succeed you have to execute the plan. The guide does not execute it for you! Did Mr. Miyagi fight the fight, or did Karate Kid?

If you don’t execute and expect the guide to do the work for you, you will become frustrated, point fingers, and ultimately fail. Be the hero of your own story.


  1. You are absolutely right! We are programmed to just go to the doctor for every little thing. You are changing the dynamics of how everyone can think about their own aches and pains. To be the change (and hero) of your own life, and to shake your situation up a bit, it takes work and sacrifice, but like you are teaching us, it is so worth it. I encourage anyone reading this to join Move U. It will change your life, and not just in your current physical pain. That’s only the start of your life-long journey. The rest is what you make of it with the tools you acquire from Dr. Mike and Dr. Andrew.

  2. Keep the podcasts coming! This one helped me get focused on me again, but Dr. Mike I think you better wait until after recording to eat the power bar. Just saying! LOL Go wedding singer.

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