A Marathoners Journey Back to the Pavement

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This week is a special week for the MoveU Unfiltered Podcast because we have our first guest on the show – and I must say it was a blast doing this with her! Her name is Rani Smith. Rani had been loving her life and pursuing her passion of running for the past 14 years by completing 3 1/2 marathons per year.

Unfortunately, a couple years ago that all changed. It started out with a tweak in her knee, then muscle stiffness which caused recovery to slow, and then came the back pain.

She didn’t realize it at the time, but over the next two years, her recreational running and half marathons had dwindled down to nothing. She lost her drive and motivation, and she was miserable. When she refused to accept that she wouldn’t be able to run again, she began seeking help from her medical doctor, chiropractors, and physical therapists. Despite her efforts, her condition was not improving. It became disheartening when she was getting better.

Then, a physical therapist aide helped Rani find the muscle that was at the root of her back pain, the Quadratus Lumborum. After searching for answers Rani discovered MoveU, and made the journey from Las Vegas to San Diego for guidance at our office. It was at the point that her journey truly began.

Now, Rani is ON FIRE, working her way up the recovery ladder and has her sights set on achieving her first half marathon in over 2 years this June. She’s excited to get back on track with her 3 marathons per year and it doesn’t look like anything can stop her.

Listen and learn about what relit her fire and what she’s now doing every day to get back to doing what she loves. I promise at the end of this, you will be a Rani Supporter!

Thanks for Listening!

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