Relieve Pain with This Simple Exercise

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What exercises are best for back pain? What are the three best stretches for a rotator cuff tear? Will an inversion table help reduce my back pain? Are bridges a good exercise to develop glute strength?

Out of the hundreds of messages we receive every month, the majority of them are the same. You have a problem and are looking for a few quick things to do so you can start feeling better. We understand where you’re coming from, which is why we created this episode.

Tune into this episode and get the answer you’ve been wanting to hear.

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  1. Hey guys My names James Apps I’m from England and I’m training to be a stuntman. I have one skill left which is high diving from 10 metres. Which is bringing out all of my weaknesses in my body.

    Listened to the “relieve pain with this simple exercise…”

    Like you said in the video I’m 6’4″ tall 110kg and can’t control my feet, toes, scapulae, glutes etc…

    Great podcast just one thing can Andrew get closer to the mic as he is quite quiet on this podcast. Keep up the good work chaps. Looking forward to getting stuck in with moveu!

    1. Thanks for the comment James!

      Keep up the good work 🙂

      MoveU Team

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