Create Habits & Goals that Work!

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Kate Barr is a behavioral scientist who develops online health programs which help people achieve their goals and develop healthy new habits. She has extensively researched human behaviors at the University of Michigan. In this episode, you will love hearing Kate discuss achieving your goals, building self-confidence, and creating habits that stick!

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  1. Thank you! Lot of work ahead still but so glad I have the move u team and community to see me through it. (oops for all typos on last comment…lol🙆‍♀️)

  2. So relate…plan to use these tools like now…i have been doing program but fell out of routine of checking into community and posting which truely didn’t feel confortable for me from the get go. I am so aware now and knowledgeable of my body my posture, my every movement, my. strengths and weaknesses. I am watching coaching calls, most of the time not live because of workout schedule but do get then in. This isn’t just about eliminating recurrent strains/pain to my right lower back which currently pain doesn’t exist there but this is forever health goal to live the very best i can. I have always been obsessed with exercise, nutrition, fitness since i was a teenager and have always exercised regularly even with pregnancies. I struggle with sweet tooth and feeling deprived so am also wirking on educatiin nutrition program to find what is best way of eating for my body and nutrition needs. Balancing both programs at once was maybe to demanding of my myself. I am recommiting to a steady 30 days of consistent work to get me done with last 3 modules of phase one. So just to let move u ream know…still gere, still working through all of life challenges to keep me on track with my ultimate priceless goal whuch is self understandjng so i can do best for my body. Thank u! Sincerely, Rosa Tamez (Laura Smith on FB community)

    1. Wow Rosa!! This was wonderful to read and it truly sounds like your mindset has shifted. I haven’t heard much from you and I don’t hear from a large majority of the people who are in the program, but I am happy to hear that you have been benefitting. Yes, this is more than just learning how to move… it is truly a lifestyle change. I am proud of you for taking on two programs at once… that is incredible! Keep it up!!!

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