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If you haven’t noticed, the name MoveU is popping up all over our social media and emails! What is going on exactly? We have created a completely separate company, MoveU, to cater to our growing online empire. There are a couple reasons for this…

1. MoveU is a name that automatically explains what we are doing! We are out to move you back to an active lifestyle by improving your current movement patterns. Everyone can improve!

2. The name “CaliSpine” is difficult for people to understand and spell. EVERY time we tell someone that we are called “CaliSpine” they interpret it in many different ways: Callyspine, HollySpime, Callspine, etc. It’s a mess… Also, no one knows what the hell CaliSpine means! We don’t even know how to describe it for an “online” realm.

MoveU is not “medical” and is instead a movement and exercise platform. We won’t be able to tell you what is wrong with you, but we know from experience that there are “general” exercises that will improve your movement patterns and your posture, thus reducing your pain. Our goal is to return you to the active life you love.

What will MoveU provide?

MoveU will offer a multitude of information in regards to movements, motivation, and back pain relief through our Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Blog, Podcast, and Online Program.

Our premium back pain relief program, MoveU Phase 1, will be unveiled this November and is something that has not been done before… by anyone! We have taken on the challenge of providing a progressive exercise program that will allow you to improve your movement patterns and eliminate back pain without having to visit a clinic! We have tons of possible future ideas in store such as Webinars, Workshops, Challenges, Dietary support, other pain relief programs, etc. The list keeps growing and changing!

Thank you for being patient during our transition and we hope that you continue to enjoy our goofy and informative information! If you have any questions, please email


  1. Guys you are amazing!! Love your philosophy and sense of humor!! All we need is movement and a good laugh. Keep up the great work!

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