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1. Create a better goal and gain direction
Trying to exercise away a problem without doing the exercises correctly, without understanding why you're doing it or without establishing a REAL goal is wasting precious time in your life. Invest 10 minutes and craft a goal that excites you and propels you forward.

2. Learn the secret order to fixing the imbalances that cause pain
What separates the ones who succeed and the ones who fail? The people who succeed understand the process to recovery, which empowers them with confidence and motivation. You’ll have a smile on your face the whole time as you watch Dr. Mike & Andrew relate this process to playing a piano.

3. Identify the cause and improve your body awareness
Quit frustrating yourself by focusing on symptoms, tight muscles, or what someone else told you is wrong with you! Instead, identify the deeper cause of your problems through these 5 simple physical tests.

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