What Causes Shoulder Impingement?

Shoulder impingement is one of the most diagnosed shoulder injuries in the United States, but did you know that it is also completely preventable!? If you experience pain on the inside of your shoulder when you lift your arm over your head, you need to learn how to properly use your shoulders. Today, MoveU goes over what causes shoulder impingement and how our online Membership (Shoulder Program included) can help you fix it without the need for surgery.

Online Shoulder Program

What Is Shoulder Impingement?

Shoulder impingement occurs when the top outer edge of your shoulder, known as your acromion, rubs against or impinges on your rotator cuff. This causes pain, inflammation, and irritation, especially when you lift your arms over your head.

What Are the Symptoms of Shoulder Impingement?

Shoulder impingement is often a result of inflammation from repetitive movements done incorrectly or an underlying injury. Symptoms include but are not limited to the following:

  • Pain

  • Inflammation

  • Weakness

  • Loss of motion

  • Aches

  • Swelling

  • Irritation

Shoulder impingement can start suddenly or increase over time and is often felt when you lift your arm over your head past shoulder height. You might also have a difficult time reaching your arms behind your back. If you experience shoulder impingement you might feel stiffness in your shoulder or see swelling.

How Does Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Develop?

When your rotator cuff is injured or inflamed, it swells up reducing the amount of space around it rubbing against the acromion. This creates an impingement sue to the swelling. You can develop shoulder impingement syndrome from overuse, misuse, or injury of your rotator cuff.

Can You Fix a Shoulder Impingement?

You can fix shoulder impingement by learning proper shoulder exercises and alignment. MoveU’s Shoulder Program addresses common shoulder injuries and misuses and provides educational videos on how to resolve your shoulder impingement.

Shoulder Impingement Exercises

Causes of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder impingement can be caused by an injury, overuse of the shoulder, irritation of the bursa, or age. Shoulder impingement syndrome typically occurs in individuals who play a sport that requires a lot of overhead rotational movement, such as tennis, swimming, and baseball, but it can affect anyone.

Exercises to Help Shoulder Issues

Shoulder impingement makes it difficult to lift your arms over your head. To fix this, you need to learn how to use your scapular stabilizers to scoop your shoulders down into the proper position and upwardly rotate your shoulder blades. This ensures you are not hurting your tendons or causing arthritis. The best way to fix your sh!t is to get into the MoveU Shoulder Program to learn about proper body mechanics and ways to get rid of your shoulder issues.

Exercises for Shoulder Impingement

Do you have shoulder pain that just will not go away? Jump into the MoveU Membership today to get it resolved.

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