Learn to Move Better and Live Pain-Free

A step-by-step online exercise program to transform your mindset and movement, accelerating your journey back to a pain-free life.

A simple, proven method that works for everyone

No matter what kind of back, hip, knee, or shoulder pain you are struggling with, or what you’ve tried in the past, this program will provide you the tools to help you achieve your physical goals more rapidly than you ever thought possible.


Fix your muscle imbalances in just minutes per day

Stop chasing symptoms and learn how to identify and fix the root cause through a process called postural deconstruction. You’ll feel amazing changes take place within the first 21 days!


Improve your posture and develop real core strength

Learn how easy it is to reassemble your posture, then build core strength around an aligned and balanced frame. During this time period your progress will snowball, and your pain shrivel.


Be a movement master

You’ll exponentially improve your strength and stability while you connect your core to everyday movements — bending, lifting, twisting, and squatting. At this point you’ll be in complete control of your body, once again, and free to life the amazing life that you deserve.

With more than 270,000 fans, and hundreds of life changing success stories – people agree that MoveU is different!

Real Stories, Real Results

90% of MoveU clients report significantly less pain in just 30 days!

“The knowledge, passion and sincerity of Dr. Mike, Andrew and their team is mind blowing. I’m in this long term and am so thankful for MoveU’s continuing wisdom, support and laughter. “

– Rani B.

“What you take from this will last a lifetime. The best part is seeing improvements and knowing I’ve got the tools now to make my life better.”

– Janet J.

“I’ve been doing the MoveU Method for the last 32 days. Today, I’m mostly pain free. This morning I had an appointment for a nuclear medicine test for my low back. I’m not going there. I’m rock climbing instead.”

– Sam G.

How the MoveU Method Works

Get Started Immediately & Learn
at Your Own Pace

100% Online, Anytime on Any Device

Over 60 Detailed Instructional Videos / 8 Progressive Modules

1 Year of Expert Support

The Complete Exercise Manual, The Back Pain Survival Guide E-Book, and 2 Free Bonus Guides

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Private Community Access

100% Guaranteed Results

In just a few short months, you’ll be excited with what you’ve achieved! If you stay engaged and complete the program, and are not happy — we’ll give you every penny of your investment. We take out all of the risk.

About Dr. Mike & Andrew

In 2013, Dr. Mike was growing a chiropractic rehab clinic and instructing a kinesiology class at California State University. This is where he first met Andrew. Half way through the semester Andrew severely herniated a disc in his lower back, and was disabled for months. He knew that drugs and surgery were not only dangerous options, but they fail to fix the root cause.

Andrew became an intern at Dr. Mike’s chiropractic rehab clinic, quickly absorbing his knowledge and putting it to use. His recovery skyrocketed after he discovered a magical technique that quickly eliminated his back pain – Dynamic Core Control (DCS). DCS a powerful technique that aligns and protects your spine during all the movement of life and naturally reduces pain. Since Andrew’s recovery, he’s helped hundreds of others eliminate their pain through this simple and powerful technique.

Dr. Mike felt it was selfish to keep such a powerful technique available to only those who live near the office. He created MoveU as the vehicle that inspires the world to move better and live a pain-free life.

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The MoveU Method Online Program

Do you want expert help and advice on how to move better and live pain-free? Let us guide you down the path, and show you the way back to the active and pain-free life that you love.

A Motivational Support Community

Make this process as fun and easy as possible and engage in MoveU’s powerful community. Be inspired and motivated from reading dozens of emotional success stories from people just like you.

MoveU’s private community and expert advice guarantees you’ll succeed. You’ve already tried doing this alone. Get plugged into the online community today! You can do this! Take the first small step now.