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– Rani B.

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– Janet J.

“I’ve been doing the MoveU Method for the last 32 days. Today, I’m mostly pain free. This morning I had an appointment for a nuclear medicine test for my low back. I’m not going there. I’m rock climbing instead.”

– Sam G.

“I can say with certainty that this program works. I’ve tried chiropractic, physical therapy, ART, dry needling, the works. The MoveU Method worked the best for me.”

– Pete A.

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What Makes MoveU so Different?

When it comes to eliminating chronic back pain, most people focus their efforts on treatments, therapies, or avoidance. This short term emergency mindset leads to frustration, disability, and increased pain. We believe that everyone has the ability to be healthy, happy, and able to do what they love. The MoveU Method helps people take control of their own back pain through a 3 step process.

We know how frustrating back pain can be! We have helped hundreds of people get out of pain and regain the life they love. Back pain is not a disease, and doesn’t need treatment. Back pain is the result of misuse or disuse to the body. Re-learning proper body movement is the only way to truly eliminate back pain and prevent re-injury. The entire process is quite simple, and only takes 3 steps.

The MoveU Method was developed by Andrew Dettelbach and Dr. Mike Wasilisin.

In 2012, Andrew severely herniated a disc in his lower back. Andrew was scared. His uncle went through 5 back surgeries and lives his life in severe pain and heavily medicated. This motivated Andrew to recovering without drugs or surgery.

His knowledge of body mechanics began when he was a student in Dr. Mike Wasilisin’s Kinesiology class at California State University. He absorbed all the knowledge he could, and went through his own successes and failures over the next 3 years. His determination paid off, and to date he enjoys an extremely active lifestyle. He has successfully taught hundreds of others how to eliminate their pain through the same method that saved him, the MoveU Method.

Dr. Mike had his own struggles as well. He knew he was destined to make the world a better place, on a grand scale, but was not sure how. He knew they had a simple solution that could save millions of people from unnecessary drugs and surgery, but was unsure how to deliver this to the world. Despite their local success at CaliSpine clinic, he believed it was selfish to keep such an amazing method available only to those within a driving distance from the clinic.

One day in May 2016, he declared to everyone that he would take on the mission to eliminate chronic back pain, worldwide. Everyone quickly got to work, and since then they’ve packed the MoveU Method into an easy-to-follow online program, accessible to anyone with internet.

The MoveU Method will help you: (1) Discover and master movement exercises that quickly stop chronic back pain. (2) Learn the secret steps to quickly energize and strengthen your core muscles. (3) Connect your core strength with the everyday movements of bending, standing, and sitting. (4) Use the knowledge to live your life, pain-free! You’ll now have the confidence to both handle setbacks and to achieve the extraordinary. Live free.

The structure and muscles of the human body are meant to be aligned, balanced, and strong. Chronic pain is the result of the long term breakdown of one or all of these. Once you identify and fix the problem, symptoms disappear and you are free to live the life you love. Take control of your back pain today, and spend the next 8-12 weeks learning the MoveU Method! Why? Because you have the ability to be healthy, happy and do what you love.

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