Come Back Stronger!

Learn to Develop a Strong, Balanced Body, and Move Without PAIN

Come Back Stronger!

Learn to Develop a Strong, Balanced Body, and Move Without PAIN

The MoveU Program

An online video training program that guides you to better movement and posture, resulting in the ability to enjoy an active and pain-free life.

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90% of our members report significantly less pain in the first 30 days.

Rethink Pain

Stop fearing pain and learn to use it as a powerful tool.

Attack The Root Cause 

Identify your imbalances, correct them, and experience lasting results.

Live Empowered

Develop the self-confidence to break through limits and live the life you want.

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The MoveU Program

What You Get

Phase 1 and 2 Exercise Training Program

Over 140 exclusive, sequential, and detailed videos of training exercises

The Private Facebook Community

Community and expert support, video technique analysis, weekly coaching calls

The Complete Phase 1 and 2 Workout Manual

All material is printable so you can track your workouts and take it on the go

Coaching Call Library

More than 50 hours of motivational coaching calls with the MoveU Team

Symptom Relief Exercise Library

Quickly target a problem area so you can stay on track with your training

Anatomy and Movement Science Videos

Dr. Mike and Andrew making the science of movement and injury fun and simple

Multiple Bonus Guides

Stay Fit While Progressing, Day-to-Day Survival Guide, and more

12-Month Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Access

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About The Founders

Meet Dr. Mike & Andrew


Dr. Mike Wasilisin, DC
Dr. Mike began working in Chiropractic care in 2000 and was fascinated by it. He spent the next 9 years working in clinics and earning his doctorate degree. His passion for helping people gained momentum while he was working in a multidisciplinary sports clinic. He worked on the Dean of Kinesiology for California State University and he recognized his passion immediately.

He accepted a position as adjunct faculty at the University for two semesters. This is where he discovered his love for teaching. It is also where he met Andrew, who became one of his teachers assistants.

Dr. Mike had a deep love for teaching and expanding his knowledge, and has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He felt that it was the right time to open his own practice. Andrew began working for him as an intern in his sports Chiropractic clinic, Calispine.

Dr. Mike continues to enjoy sharing his knowledge and the experience. The insight he has gained through his 17 year journey in the Chiropractic field is something he will openly share with you to save you a tremendous amount of time and frustration on your own personal journey.

The Story of Andrew, Dr. Mike & MoveU


Andrew Dettelbach
Andrew was a Kinesiology student at California State University when he became an intern at Dr. Mike’s clinic. Shortly after that he severely injured his lower back. More specifically he had a significant 3 level disc herniation. Three surgeons told him surgery was his only option if he wanted a chance to live a normal life again.

Andrew refused surgery because he believed there was a better option. Dr. Mike tried to help him with adjustments, massage, stretching, and every other therapy, but nothing worked long term. Andrew devoted the next 2 years to rehabbing himself. Through education, trial and error, and deep determination he was able to figure out how to properly position and move his body to heal his pain and prevent re-injury. He is now in the best shape of his life and living with no limitations.

His mission is to help everyone develop the confidence in their body that he has in his own. His knowledge of body mechanics is extensive and his personal experience with overcoming significant injury has been a source of great inspiration to many.

The Story of Andrew, Dr. Mike & MoveU

About the Company


Dr. Mike and Andrew spent 4 years refining Andrew’s rehab process and applying it to patients in their clinic with incredible success. They began creating Instagram videos for their patients and were amazed when the videos gained much more attention that they had intended. As messages began pouring in from around the world it became evident that there was a great need for the education they were providing.

This need clearly extended far beyond the driving distance of their office in Carlsbad, California. They were motivated and encouraged by the messages from people saying that the videos were extremely beneficial to them. It became apparent that they needed to find a way to help people online.

They believed that the healthcare system (as a whole) is not designed to help people improve. The current medical model looks at the body in pieces rather than as a whole. Patients are shuffled from one Doctor to another and are left feeling fragile, broken, and destined to live a limited life. On top of that, the system is out of date, complex, limited by the insurance companies and beyond inconvenient. You have a higher chance of getting worse than you do getting better!

Because of this, in 2016, they decided to leave healthcare to create an online company to truly help people transform their health. This marked the creation of MoveU. It was born out of frustration, necessity, passion and experience. Our mission is to help you discover your own source of power and live your life without limits. MoveU is skyrocketing and becoming much more influential than we had envisioned. We feel this is a direct result of the sheer passion, experience, and knowledge that have all come together to create MoveU.

The Story of Andrew, Dr. Mike & MoveU

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