Our Mission

We help humanity move better to live and feel better.

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Our Story

MoveU was born in 2016, launching our original Total Body Program. Over the years Dr. Mike Wasilisin has continuously produced content and listened to feedback from members to stay on the cutting edge of exercise science. In 2020 we updated our offerings to include the Low Back & Core, Hip, and Pelvic Floor to assist those with specific injuries and interests. Our Team further refined our Flagship Programming in 2022 with the MoveU Methodology which boasts streamlined, focused, body region specific courses, to assist those with specific injuries and interests.

Our Methodology encourages strong “Positional Presence”

Positional presence is the term given to the heightened awareness and connection that you’ll feel to your body’s alignment in every posture, movement, and position. You’ll be more self-assured and agile so that you can rapidly alter your body as needed to avoid injury or aggravating an existing problem, and if an accident or re-injury does occur, you’ll know how to recover faster and get back on track.

In essence, we teach you to assess and address your imbalances.

Combined with our strong community and live coaching, we continue to strive towards our mission of bringing otherwise complex movement and therapy into people’s lives in an accessible, affordable and efficient way.


“Stop searching for some Doctor, product, or procedure to fix your body and problems for you." Nobody can address the root cause of your issues except you! Your imbalances, misalignments, and pain have occurred not from a single cataclysmic event, but years of micro-traumas; sports injuries, stress, poor posture, poor technique, and genetic imbalances. There may have been a single deadlift or fall in which your pain began, but I can almost guarantee that was only the straw that broke the camel’s back. The fact of the matter is that nobody will care about your body, or understand your body more than you. So save yourself the costs, frustrations, and inconveniences of traditional and alternative healthcare and take back control of your body and your life by improving the way you move through exercise and life. The breakthroughs you feel and see will be fuel, and the progress you make will last a lifetime. Join the Muvement!”

Meet the team

Katie Kasten Wasilisin

Chief Marketing Officer

Kathryn Hopkins

Digital Marketing Manager

Tyler Ruiz

MoveU Coach and Model

Faby Fritsvold

Scheduling Manager and Admin

Leigh Ann Boscarino

MoveU Coach

Dr. Brittney Ellers

Pelvic Floor DPT

Zee Good

Operations Manager

Martin Samaniego

Content Creator

Rheannon Manarchuck

MoveU Coach and Customer Support

Irene Karandinos

Social Media Manager

Dr. Mike Wasilisin

Chief Creative Officer