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We help humanity move better to live and feel better.

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"My journey in healthcare and fitness started in 2000 at a chiropractic clinic, where I was mentored and inspired by Dr. Mike Bell. In 2004, I earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology, followed by a chiropractic doctorate from Palmer College in 2009. I subsequently began practicing at my San Diego clinic, CaliSpine, where I served until 2017. During this time, from 2012 to 2013, I also had the privilege of teaching Kinesiology at California State University. Along my path, I became so frustrated with the limitations of health care, and of being constrained to my office, that I founded MoveU with the goal of educating and helping people make improvements to their body in a way that’s entertaining and accessible, regardless of where they live. Since then, MoveU has become a movement with a social media following of over 2.3 million, thousands of testimonials, and 100k+ members. We've been featured in dozens of platforms from Men's Health to Live with Mark & Kelly Show, I've worked with top athletes and actors - and I'm just getting started! We at MoveU believe everyone can attain their highest potential and offer structured paths to get there. Chronic pain is often a lifestyle issue - so let's break the cycle and live pain-free." - Dr. Mike Wasilisin

Our Methodology encourages strong “Positional Presence”

Positional presence is the term given to the heightened awareness and connection that you’ll feel to your body’s alignment in every posture, movement, and position. You’ll be more self-assured and agile so that you can rapidly alter your body as needed to avoid injury or aggravating an existing problem, and if an accident or re-injury does occur, you’ll know how to recover faster and get back on track.

In essence, we teach you to assess and address your imbalances.

Combined with our strong community and live coaching, we continue to strive towards our mission of bringing otherwise complex movement and therapy into people’s lives in an accessible, affordable and efficient way.


Doctorate of Chiropractic, Functional Rehab, Biomechanics - Palmer Chiropractic

B.A. Psychology - Kent State University 

Activities and Societies: Golf Team Captain, World Congress of Chiropractic Students, Clinic Abroad, SPEAK Representative, Personal Trainer

Meet the team

Katie Kasten Wasilisin

Chief Marketing Officer

Faby Fritsvold

Moveu Team Lead

Zee Good

Operations Manager

Kathryn Hopkins

Digital Marketing Manager

Kevin Russell

Social Media/Content Creator

Irene Karandinos

Marketing Coordinator

Leigh Ann Boscarino

Movement Coach & Social Media Support

Dr. Brittney Ellers

Pelvic Floor DPT

Rheannon Manarchuck

Movement Coach & Customer Support

Tyler Ruiz

MoveU Model

Masie Kuh and Wylie Schwartz

Anatomy Artists

Kalyn Harris

MoveU Model

Dr. Mike Wasilisin

Chief Creative Officer