How to Fix Yo Weak Ass

Small bum? Weak bum? Or no bum at all?! 🥺

If this is the case, you may be spending a lot of time in lower body flexion, without using your glutes much (if at all), and you might even have some disc issues or sciatica going on (like our model @gestek_music had in the past).

If you don’t suffer from pain, then take proactive measures now, and learn how to extend your lower body with your erectors and actually contract your glutes fully. 💪 🍑

We’ll help you do this and get you all fixed up for that pain-free strong-tushy life you have always wanted! 🔥 How? Start with the MoveU Low Back & Core Course, and then step it up a level with the MoveU Hip Course. Link in bio!

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