Light Up Core


Firstly, we apologize for Dr. Mike in this video, who didn’t seem to learn what we all did in Kindergarten: Don’t play with fire! 🔥

Regardless, his cue about trying not to get burned by fire is on point for getting you to consciously activate your transverse abdominis and your six-pack muscles (aka rectus abdominis) when you’re doing movements like planks to really light up that core‼️

Here’s the cue: When you’re doing a plank, pretend like someone is lighting a flame underneath you, and to avoid getting burned, you need to brace your core to keep it away from the flame, thus turning on all those abdominal muscles harder than ever before. 😉

We go more in-depth about transverse activation in our killer Low Back and Core Course. If you’re hoping to strengthen your core and low back or you’re looking to improve your posture, then this course is for you! It’s also a good idea to take if you’re someone who struggles with back pain or has been diagnosed with a back-related condition, such as sciatica or scoliosis. So what are you waiting for? Click the link in bio for more information on how to sign-up 💯

**Disclosure: Coach Katie @yogi.ish was not harmed in the making of this video, so no need to attack us in the comments. Now go fix yo s#!t 🔥

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