What Are the Benefits of Spreading Your Toes?

Get ready because we’re about to talk about feet. When was the last time you took off your shoes and had a good look at your toes? Well, you should! If you have any type of foot or toe injury, you need to learn about toe spreading and the benefits of barefoot shoes!

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Conventional footwear has weakened our feet as a society causing all sorts of issues, including knee pain, structural foot disorders, and bunions. Yikes! Fortunately, toe spreading can help! Read along to learn more about the benefits of spreading your toes and which product we recommend to help you step up your toe splaying game.

What Is Toe Spreading?

What is Toe Spreading

Toe spreading is where you spread out your toes to improve balance, strength, and flexibility. Doing so provides optimal toe alignment. You can toe spread just by splaying out your toes or if you need assistance try out toe spreaders/bands.

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We know, it seems a bit odd, but we promise that they are onto something! You are supposed to be able to spread your toes on your own without a device to help you, not only to let your toes breathe a bit, but for overall foot health and strength. #spreadyotoes.

Why Is It Important to Be Able to Spread Your Toes?

Toe spreading is healthy for your feet. The intrinsic muscles inside your foot are responsible for correct movement patterns. If your feet do not function correctly, your entire body will start to compensate, which could easily injure your muscles and tendons over time.

Toes are responsible for many actions, including the ability to be able to push off the ground. Examples of this include walking, running, jumping, and climbing stairs. If your toes are stiff or have a difficult time moving or spreading, your ability to do these movements will be affected. Other joints and muscles will have to compensate for this stiffness.

As these compensations become your body’s new normal, they could lead to inflammation, such as tendinitis. Tight shoes can also push your big toe into your other toes, deforming your joints and causing bunions that may need surgery in the future if not addressed. We’d pick toe bands and toe spreading over surgery any day.

Benefits of Toe Spreading

Whether you toe spread with or without a toe spreader depends on you. There are many benefits of toe spreading exercises and toe spreaders including but not limited to the following:

  • Enables natural arch support

  • Provides your body with a supportive foundation

  • Prevents overpronation

  • Improves blood flow

  • Addresses ankle, foot, and toe pain

  • Strengthens your feet

  • Helps restore proper bone orientation

  • Promotes better balance and weight distribution

What Do Toe Spreaders/Toe Bands Do?

Toe Spacers and Benefits

Toe spreaders do what you think they do: they spread out your toes. Toe spreaders strengthen intrinsic foot muscles, improve balance, flexibility, and stability.

As most conventional shoes compress your feet and smash your toes together, many of us can experience foot pain, balance issues, and more. After some time spent in narrow footwear, your foot starts to change and can develop a deformity. The change in toe alignment can lead to bunions and foot pain.

How Long Should You Wear Toe Spreaders/Toe Bands?

We recommend wearing your toe spacers, toe spreaders, or toe bands for at least 10 minutes a day initially. From there, you can work your way up. Start slow and give your feet a break if you start to feel any pain.

Can you see why it is so important to fix yo feet? For more information on how to properly align your body and improve your posture, head to our MoveU Membership online.

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