2 Best Exercises for Better Sex



Who doesn’t want more satisfying and more pleasurable sex? If you raised your hand, we don’t know what’s wrong with you but feel free to move along. Otherwise, let’s have a little chat, shall we? 

According to this study in 2022, 95 percent of men almost always orgasmed during sex, compared to only 25 percent of women who responded the same. Not cool!

Listen, you need to know how to tilt your pelvis! This not only helps strengthen your back, core, glutes and improve hip mobility - but this movement can be used in the bedroom for optimal (*wiggles eyebrows suggestively) pleasure.

Do we have your attention? Good! Continue reading to learn more about the best exercises for better, more pleasurable sex.


man showing posterior pelvic tilt

Pelvic tilts play a huge (HUUUUGE) role in the bedroom, ensuring both you and your partner have more pleasurable sex... yes.

Learning how to fully flex your low body will help you explore more depth with your partner and stimulate their favorite spot... yes!

Learning how to extend your low body allows for maximum range of motion... OH YES!

Pelvic tilts also help build strength in your core and glutes so you can have sex for a longer duration of time with less fatigue.

Without proper alignment and strength, you risk throwing your back out or injuring yourself - which will rank right up there with “I have a headache” as among the top saddest reasons of all time for having to decline a little afternoon delight.

Additionally, if you default to an overly anterior or posterior pelvic tilt, incorporating tilting exercises can help you correct that imbalance, thus improving your body mechanics during sex and all of life.

Seriously, you should be pelvic tilting!


Here is how to do a pelvic tilt so you can incorporate it into your sex life: 

  1. Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. 
  2. Rest your arms at your sides or cross your hands over your belly. 
  3. Tilt your pelvis as if you’re trying to get your pubic bone to point toward your face. Keep the low back flat on the floor. As you tilt, you should feel a contraction in your abdominals and your glutes engage slightly. Hold for 2 seconds and release slowly, returning your pelvis to neutral.  
  4. Tilt your pelvis in the opposite direction so that there is now a space between your low back and the floor. Keep your mid back flat on the ground and rib cage stable by isolating the movement to only the pelvis. Hold the end range for 2 seconds and return slowly to neutral. 

Repeat this cycle for 10 reps.


anatomy art of pelvic floor

Most people have heard of the Kegel. Kegels help strengthen your pelvic floor which allows you to last longer in the bedroom and improve blood circulation to your genitals. This makes sex is more pleasurable for both partners, improving your ability to reach orgasm. Learn to kegel to boost sexual confidence!

Your pelvic floor contains muscle fibers and connective tissue that create a hammock or sling that separates your pelvic cavity from your perineum. We cover this and more in our Pelvic Floor Program with Dr. Brittney Ellers.

Strengthen your pelvic floor and improve the quality of your sex life - rock the Kegels! 


To properly do a Kegel, first relax with some nice, slow breaths. Those with chronically tight pelvic floors may need to see a pelvic floor specialist to learn how to fully relax these muscles. If this is you, skip these for now. Everyone else - let’s go. 

  1. Take a breath in through your nose and fill your abdomen up with air. Feel your pelvic floor muscles relax.
  2. Breathe out and contract your pelvic floor muscles. You want to “lift” the pelvic floor. It may help to think of your pelvic floor like an elevator rising up, up, up as you contract until it reaches the top floor.
  3. Release the contraction. Once you’ve reached the top floor, let the elevator return back to the ground floor. 

Those two exercises are game changers in the bedroom. For more tips on how to have better sex, join the MoveU Membership and get access to our Pelvic Floor Program, but also learn how to fix ALL your sh*t with programs for every area of the body!

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