Pain Under the Shoulder Blade: Causes and Treatments

Shoulder pain can be relentless, especially if you cannot get to the source of it. Do you experience shoulder pain that will not go away? Do you have a difficult time releasing this shoulder pain? Have you tried to release it with a lacrosse ball but just cannot seem to find relief? If any of this sounds familiar, keep reading to learn how to relieve shoulder pain. Today, MoveU goes over the most common causes of shoulder pain as well as some exercises to help you find relief.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Shoulder Pain?

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons4 million people in the United States suffer from shoulder pain. Most shoulder issues stem from overuse, inflammation, or improper use. Here are some of the most common causes of shoulder pain:

  • Excessive use

  • Arthritis

  • Torn rotator cuff

  • Tendinitis

  • Torn cartilage

  • Inflammation

  • Bursitis

  • Swollen bursa sacs or tendons

  • Pinched nerve in your neck or shoulder

  • Tendon inflammation or tear

  • Shoulder impingement

  • Shoulder instability

What Causes Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade?

Shoulder pain under your shoulder blade can interfere with your daily activities. This pain can range from sharp to burning and limits your range of motion. Some possible causes of this type of shoulder pain include the following:

  • Poor posture (hunching your back, leaning forward, or sitting to one side while working at a desk)

  • Overuse

  • Improper body mechanics (such as improper lifting techniques)

  • Disc herniation

Shoulder Blade Pain and Posture

The Best Exercise to Help Reduce Shoulder Pain

If you are suffering from pain underneath your shoulder blade, you are not alone. Over 60% of Americans deal with varying degrees of shoulder pain in their lifetime. Fortunately, you can take matters into your own hands and learn some exercises to help you relieve or reduce shoulder pain. Here is our favorite exercise to reduce shoulder pain:

Stretch your subscapularis

The subscapularis is the largest and strongest muscle of the rotator cuff, which helps with shoulder mobility and stability. If you feel deep pain under your shoulder pain, it is most likely coming from this area.

  1. To stretch it, grab a dowel or a stick from Stick Mobility (use code MoveU at checkout for 10% off).

  2. Hold the dowel/stick with your right arm, bringing your elbow out in front so your arm is at a 45-degree angle.

  3. Grab the bottom of the dowel/stick with your left hand and pull it forward. You should feel a deep stretch in your right arm.

  4. Pull your right shoulder blade down and push your right elbow away from you. You should feel some relief in your subscapularis.

Shoulder Stretch

How the MoveU Shoulder Program Can Help You Get Rid of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain often stems from overuse, misuse, or lack of use, which is why reducing shoulder pain cannot happen overnight. Fixing shoulder pain happens over time with comprehensive support, hard work, and determination. It often requires you to learn proper body mechanics, alignment, strength exercises, and so much more. When you decide you want to live a pain-free life, consider the MoveU Shoulder Program.

We help people just like you get strong, pain-free, and aligned shoulders, so that you can push, pull, throw, and live your life doing all the things your shoulders should be able to without any pain. Our shoulder program contains the following:

  • Progressive strength exercises

  • Mobility exercises

  • Self-deep tissue therapy

  • Posture assessments

  • Progress calendar

Click here to enroll in the MoveU Membership to access the shoulder program today.

MoveU Testimonial Shoulder Program

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