Fix Flat Feet, Inverted Ankles, and Foot Pain

Did you know that a staggering 26% of the population has flat feet, according to the National Institute of Health? This condition doesn't just affect your feet; it can lead to widespread health issues, impacting your posture and causing discomfort.

Flat feet lack the support that arched feet provide, disrupting your alignment and leading to numerous problems. Your foot health is crucial, and that means ditching those overly cushioned shoes. These shoes don't contribute to strengthening your foot and ankle muscles.

Barefoot Shoes for Flat Feet

You need shoes that move, that are flexible, and that allow your feet to move so you can strengthen them rather than act as a bandaid to cover your weak-foot wound. 

Other Causes of Flat Feet:

  1. Weak arches.
  2. Improper alignment.
  3. Lack of mind-body connection to your knee, ankle, and foot.

Signs of Flat Feet:

  • Absence of a natural arch when standing.
  • Pain in the middle or near the arch.
  • Swelling on the bottom or inside of your feet.
  • Leg and back pain.
  • Poor posture.
  • Knees that buckle or turn inward.
  • Knee pain.

Exercises for Flat Feet:

1. Banded Squats

  • Place a band around your ankles and knees.
  • Step on a slant board for better alignment (use code MOVEU at checkout for 10% off).
  • Drive your ankles and knees outward into the band.
  • Squat down to strengthen your foot, ankle, and knee.

2. Arch Lifts

  • Sit or stand with feet parallel.
  • Keep toes and heels still, stable, and controlled. 
  • Roll your weight to the outside of your foot while lifting your arch.
  • Beginner tip: putting a weight behind your foot can assist in the beginning mind-body-connection phase

Arch strengthening exercise for flat feet

3. Heel Raises

  • Stand with feet firmly on the floor.
  • Slowly lift your heels, hold, and then lower.

(Note: Use a wall or chair for balance if needed.)

How to Fix Flat Feet For Good: Your feet are the foundation of your body's support. Strengthen them and build up your arches to set the stage for a healthy, pain-free life. Often, knee pain is linked to flat feet or a lack of arches. Dive into the MoveU Membership today to address the root cause of flat feet and build a solid foundation for a strong, healthy body.

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