How to Actually Treat Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, often results from inadequate muscle strengthening, weaknesses, and improper use of the shoulder blade in tandem with elbow movement. While temporary relief can be found through certain stretches, the key to healing lies in targeted strengthening exercises.

Understanding Tennis Elbow:

Contrary to its name, tennis elbow doesn't exclusively afflict tennis players. It occurs when proper alignment is neglected, leading to overuse of the muscles and tendons in the arms. Surgery is not the only solution, and understanding the nuances of muscle strengthening around the elbow and shoulder is pivotal.

Explore the MoveU Program:

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Distinguishing Tennis Elbow from Golf Elbow:

Tennis elbow and golf elbow, while both causing discomfort and hindering daily activities, differ in their impact on the elbow. Tennis elbow affects the outer part, involving muscles for wrist extension, while golf elbow impacts the inner side, affecting muscles responsible for wrist flexion.

Recognizing Tennis Elbow Symptoms:

Identify tennis elbow through signs such as pain or tenderness on the outside of the elbow, stiffness when extending your arm, swelling in the elbow joint, and a weakened grip.

Effective Tennis Elbow Stretches:

Try these quick and effective stretches for temporary relief:

  1. Extend your arm straight out, make a fist, and flex your wrist while maintaining a straight elbow. Rotate your wrist from side to side.
  2. Stand over a bench, reach your hand behind you with the palm facing up, and sit down on your palm for a stretch in your wrist extensors and flexors.

Partner Massage/Stretch for Tennis Elbow:

Alleviate pain with a partner massage/stretch by having the person place their arm palm down on a table, extending the wrist, and applying downward pressure with knuckles for pain relief.

Holistic Healing for Tennis Elbow:

While massages and stretches are beneficial, true healing involves addressing underlying issues related to shoulder blade movement and upper body weaknesses. Enroll in the MoveU Membership for a comprehensive approach to enjoy a pain-free life.


For a pain-free life and to address the root causes of tennis elbow, enroll in the MoveU Membership and embark on a journey towards holistic healing. Explore additional exercises and stretches in the MoveU Shoulder Program.

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