MoveU’s Guide to Shoulder Pain: How to Heal

Shoulder pain affects 18 to 26 percent of adults at one point in their life, making it one of the most common pain areas. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 4,000,000 U.S. citizens suffer shoulder problems annually - yikes! Now, instead of waiting to get cut into by a surgeon to fix the symptoms of your pain, why not be proactive and learn how to fix and heal the root cause of that shoulder pain instead!

Today, MoveU goes over the most common sources of shoulder pain.

Most Common Sources of Shoulder Pain 

Shoulder pain happens when you don’t know how to properly align and move your scapula, which is fixable! You will learn all about this in the MoveU Shoulder Program, so head on over there. 

Online Shoulder Program

In case you’d like to learn a little more before heading that way, here are the most common sources of shoulder pain:

  • Shoulder impingement 
  • Chronic dislocations
  • Muscle imbalances 
  • Rotator Cuff Tears

Most Common Causes of Shoulder Pain and How to Fix Them

The most common cause of shoulder pain is a misaligned and improperly moving scapula causing a loss of scapulohumeral rhythm. 

Here’s what to do about it and how to fix shoulder pain: 

  • Retrain your breathing patterns to reduce overuse of the upper chest breathing muscles (these are also the muscles that attach to your shoulder blade and neck).
  • Learn to realign your scapula on your rib cage
  • Learn to use your scapula’s full range of motion to guide the movement of your arm (the arm is nothing without the scapula and you need this awareness).
  • Avoid the trap of stretching and mobilizing - it’s only a short term fix and won’t last.

You will learn all of this in the MoveU Membership in our Shoulder Program

How to Heal Shoulder Pain

Why Is Shoulder Pain So Common?

Think about how you’re sitting right now. You’re probably hunched over a desk or a cell phone reading this article right now! Is it really any wonder why shoulder pain is so common nowadays? Shoulder pain is so common because our society has developed horrible postures throughout the day! We’re sitting, slumped over, rounded, and looking down all the time.

How the MoveU Shoulder Program Can Help

In the MoveU Shoulder Program, which is inside the MoveU Membership, you’ll build body awareness around your shoulders and the areas that support them through posture, strength, and mobility training exercises.

After finishing the MoveU Shoulder Program, you will have accomplished the following: 

  • Have built healthier shoulders.
  • Prevented future shoulder injuries
  • Improved the strength and range of motion through your shoulders. 
  • Improved your shoulder flexibility. 
  • Improved your upper back and shoulder posture.

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