Clicking Hips? How to Get to the Root Cause and Fix This

Do your hips click, producing an audible pop during stretches or experiencing the sensation of snapping in your hip joint? Understanding the causes and finding effective solutions is crucial, especially if you're dealing with pain associated with these sounds.

Causes of Hip Clicking

Hip clicking, or snapping hip syndrome, can result from various factors such as overuse, uneven hips, or tightness. Additional causes include bone structure variations, a tight IT band, weak glute muscles, and tight abductors.

Addressing Weaknesses for a Click-Free Hip

Frequently, hip clicking is linked to weaknesses in your muscles, particularly the abductors and glutes. Strengthening these areas is key to building a solid foundation, providing stability, and maintaining proper hip alignment.

Effective Exercises to Strengthen Abductors and Glutes:

1. Double Leg Hip Rotations

Step 1: Place a small circular band around your feet and lay down on the ground.

Sep 2: With wide feet, tuck your tailbone under (this will turn your glute on) and simply start outwardly rotating your thighs.

Step 3: Then inwardly rotate your thighs, and start going back and forth, back and forth. Because of the resistance of the band, you should feel this in your glutes big time.

Hip Strengthening Exercise

2. Banded Clamshells

Step 1: Lay on your side, and place a yoga block between your feet and a small circular band around your thighs.

Step 2: From there, lift the top leg up as much as you can until you feel your glutes contract hard. As you’re doing this, make sure your feet are squeezing the yoga block.

These exercises stabilize the hip joint, alleviate discomfort, and enhance movement mechanics.

Hip Strengthening Exercise

Root Cause and Long-Term Solution

While these exercises offer relief, understanding that imbalances in the back, core, knee, ankle, or foot may contribute to hip misalignments is crucial. The MoveU membership provides comprehensive programs designed to address these underlying issues and support continuous improvement.

FAQs About Clicking Hips

Do Clicking Hips Hurt?

Clicking hips are generally more of a nuisance than painful, but associated pain can result from imbalances or muscle weakness.

How Do You Fix Clicking Hips for Good?

To permanently address clicking hips, focus on strengthening supporting muscles, enhancing flexibility, and enrolling in the MoveU Program for a foundational understanding.

Should You Stretch Clicking Hips?

Yes, stretching tight areas like hip flexors, hamstrings, and IT bands can alleviate clicking. However, strengthening these areas is equally crucial, as tightness might indicate weakness.

Enroll in the MoveU Membership today to not only fix clicking hips but also improve overall hip mobility, alignment, and strength. Your journey to a click-free, pain-free life starts here!

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