How Uneven Hips and Scoliosis Are Linked

Did you know Uneven hips  and scoliosis are linked? Here’s how: When one hip is lower than the other, the lumbar spine may laterally curve to compensate for the imbalance, which can lead to a functional leg length discrepancy. This lateral curvature can cause the spine to twist, resulting in uneven wear on the vertebrae and potentially leading to pain or discomfort in the lower back.

Remember: anything over 15 degrees of lateral curvature is considered scoliosis!

In this blog post, we explore the connection between scoliosis and uneven hips. We share tips on how to identify and address these issues, including exercises and stretches to improve alignment and reduce pain. If you’re interested in learning more about the relationship between scoliosis and hip imbalances and want to fix yo sh!t, continue reading.

What is Scoliosis?

Uneven Hips: Structural Versus Functional Differences

First of all, why the heck are hips uneven sometimes? Hips can be uneven because of structural differences in your anatomy, or functional differences. 

Structural means that you were born with differences in your bone structure, suffered a trauma that caused a fracture that disrupted the alignment of the body, or dealt with degenerative changes that caused your bones to shift and move. To be honest, this is not most of us. Most of us have functional issues that are causing uneven hips!

Functional means that your bones are all shaped normally, and the reason for your uneven hips and scoliosis appears to be caused by muscle imbalances.

Uneven Hips: Structural Versus Functional Differences

Link Between Uneven Hips and Scoliosis

Scoliosis and uneven hips are linked as they can both be caused by an imbalance in the spine. While uneven hips can be caused by scoliosis it’s due to the abnormal spinal curvature that pulls on your pelvis. So, uneven hips can be a sign that you have scoliosis and also uneven hips can also lead to scoliosis.

How the MoveU Program Can Help You Align Your Hips and Spine

The best path to improving the overall alignment of your hips and spine is to improve the alignment of one region of the  body at a time - starting with your back and core as building a strong core will protect your back and find proper postural alignment. Here we call the movement that teaches you this, the MoveU Core Brace. It’s the ability to realign your back and pressurize your midsection with your breath for the strongest and most aligned spinal position. 

Then, once you’ve completed this program, move on to the hips and glutes and realign your pelvis through specific strength and mobility exercises, and then combine the core brace and your newfound hip alignment together. Then, continue your journey up or down the body from there until you are fully aware of the alignment of your body and can control this alignment throughout all of the movements you do in your daily life.

Head on over to the MoveU Membership to learn more about how to realign your entire body!

How to Fix Uneven Hips

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