Perineum Sunning: Healthy Alternatives

Perineum Sunning: Healthy Alternatives

Perineum or “butthole sunning” is a new fad in the wellness community (check it out at #buttholesunning on Instagram) that supposedly provides various benefits such as an improved libido, an increase in blood circulation, better sleep, and a longer, healthier life. While this all sounds great, we’d like to remind you of some scientifically proven ways to improve your relationship and connection with your pelvic floor region! Today, we discuss alternative ways to strengthen your pelvic floor through breath-work, massage, and stretches.

Why Are People Sunning Their Perineum

This is a valid question. According to the individuals who practice perineum sunning, doing so boosts your vitamin D levels, giving you more energy. According to the influencer Metaphysical Meagan, “perineal sunning is an ancient Taoist practice that can leave you energized for hours.” Here are some additional supposed reasons why butthole sunning has gained popularity: 

  • Increases libido

  • Improves sleep and creativity

  • Regulates your circadian rhythm

  • Connects you with your pelvic floor

Why You Shouldn’t Sun Your Butthole

While this fad is growing in popularity it is important to remember that there haven’t been enough studies done to showcase the benefits of butthole sunning. In fact, you could get sunburned and do more harm than good by exposing yourself to the sun. Instead, why don’t you try another proven way to bring blood flow to this area such as learning how to strengthen your pelvic floor? Learning to properly contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles can help increase your libido, improve incontinence, prolapse, erectile dysfunction, and reduce pain during sex.

Alternatives to Perineum Sunning

There are many alternatives to perineum sunning that will help you improve your relationship to your pelvic floor, which includes your butthole. Here are some of the alternatives that we recommend to improve this area of your body:

  • Pelvic floor massage techniques

  • Breath-work

  • Pelvic floor strengthening exercises

  • Pelvic floor stretches

If you’re looking to build or strengthen your relationship with your pelvic floor, would like to improve pelvic floor dysfunction, or want to find a way to boost your libido, check out MoveU’s Pelvic Floor program. Unlike perineum sunning, this program is a proven method that will teach you all about the three Cs of pelvic floor education: connection, control, and correction, to help you build a solid relationship with your pelvic region.

Quit sunning your bum and starting learning how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles instead. Check out the MoveU Pelvic Floor Program today.

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