Frequently Asked Questions

The members who enrolled to overcome chronic pain have the most success by pausing their current physical activities and committing to the MoveU Program for the first 60 days.

Most members that have paused their current workout program or hobby report that they are actually gaining strength and losing weight! We believe the reason for this is because of increased muscle activation throughout the day.

The members that enroll to improve their performance or to gain body alignment can continue their current exercise program while completing the method.

You will need less than $30 of equipment to complete the program including a lacrosse ball, 2 bands, and foam roller or piece of PVC tubing. The equipment list, along with optional equipment, can be found within the program.

The members are reporting strength gains while completing the program!  We believe this is because they are using more of their muscles throughout the day.

The MoveU Program is a self-paced program that begins with mental and physical training exercises that are safer than walking and putting on your shoes. 

Regardless the region of your complaint, most types of pain occur from muscle and joint imbalances.  This type of pain is said to be “mechanical”.  Often times, your brain becomes fearful of this pain, limiting your potential of living your best life. Safely and progressively, The MoveU Program will help you restore your mental and physical strength.

This program will help you move your body into a more aligned position, which creates balance and reduces pressure from the injured and irritated area of your body. The process you’ll complete will transform your mind, body, and movements. It’s also important to understand that the side where you feel pain may not be the side where the issue is located. Pain can be referred from other areas of the body. Our program systematically covers the entire body, helping you resolve your imbalances. This whole-body approach has proven to be extremely effective.

The program will properly stream from any mobile device, Mac, or PC! Currently, you must be connected to the internet to view all of the non-downloadable videos.

Phase 1 of the program provides you the plan and support to successfully move your body into a more aligned position. You will identify weaknesses and imbalances and will work on mobility and form.

Phase 2 helps you integrate the skills you’ve acquired in Phase 1 into relative full body movements; squatting, deadlifting, jumping, running, twisting, plyometrics, and other common movements.

No. Regardless of your athletic level or prior physical achievements, you must complete Phase 1 before moving into Phase 2. Many high level athletes who come to us are unable to correctly execute the movements in Phase 1 without going through the program. These small steps are essential to building yourself a strong and stable foundation and ensuring longevity in your activities.

The community, convenience, 24/7 feedback, technique analysis, affordability, ease of access, and the flow of the content all contribute to creating a supportive environment. Based on the time it takes our members to complete Phase 1 and Phase 2, it would take 200 physical therapy sessions ($20,000) to learn the MoveU program in person.

Poor joint alignment creates imbalances in your body and causes uneven wear and tear to the joints and soft tissues, all of which lead to pain. One of the biggest mistakes is to focus on these symptoms, or on what you perceive your problem to be. Instead, focus on improving your movement and body alignment which will help you fix the root cause.

We recommend committing to a minimum of 15 minutes per day. However, most members spend about an hour per day.

What is more exciting is that you’ll be learning training exercises that are relevant to your daily life, so you’ll be able to practice these movements throughout your normal routine!

Every person who begins his or her career with MoveU has successfully completed the program while becoming a leader in the online community!

The program helps you learn to move your entire body in a better way from head to toe! One benefit of completing the program is less physical pain. You are learning to balance your body which takes pressure off of the injured area. This allows the inflamed area to heal properly.

“The part can not be well unless the whole is well” – Plato

It varies individual to individual but expect to be engaged with the program for at least the next 12 months to complete everything. Understand that we are continuing to add content and will also be adding a phase 3 into the program. Our goal is to provide a lifetime of material for those who are passionate about the program.

It is much more impactful for you to discover this for yourself. A deep understanding of “why” you have developed these imbalances will guide you to the transformation you are seeking. We have found that telling people what is wrong with them or what to do, rarely leads to any substantial improvement.

Focusing on the controllable factors leads to success. We are providing you with the best tools available to help your body function at its absolute best. We have seen people make life transforming improvements in their bodies after being told they couldn’t by medical professionals.  Every single body will benefit and see improvements from learning to move properly.

If your injury was traumatic, it may be appropriate to have images or testing completed to rule out fractures or soft tissue injuries that may require immediate surgery or medical intervention. If you choose to seek medical support for an injury, it is safe to begin the MoveU program when you are cleared by your doctor to be able to perform “gentle stretching and ground based exercises”.

If your injury is chronic, and/or you’ve seen various professionals for this problem before, it is generally recommended that you begin the MoveU program immediately. All current research recommends engaging in physical activity is the best method to reduce chronic pain.

Several members in the program are noticing significant weight loss! We believe this is because they are engaging all of their muscles throughout the day which leads to more calories burned.

Also, workouts that cause pain are not very motivating! The MoveU program helps you return to the activities you love without pain. You’ll notice improved energy and self-confidence. Many in the program have reported improved relationships with friends and family which credit to a decrease in chronic pain and ability to be active.

Absolutely! The MoveU program is a head to toe program which helps you live a better life through proper movement and body alignment. Inside the program is a bonus library with additional information and exercises for specific areas of the body.

This program is an investment in your long term physical health. You’ll learn to move and position your body in a better way to overcome injuries, gain full body strength, and get the life you want. This transformation process will improve every area of your physical and mental well being.

You can apply for PayPal Credit and pay no interest if paid in full in 6 months. PayPal is out an outside vendor that can be reached at 1-866-528-3733, or visit PayPal for more information. Option is available at checkout.

Some insurance companies reimburse their members for fitness & prevention programs and memberships. You’ll have to contact your insurance company to see if MoveU qualifies for reimbursement. If they agree to reimburse you for the program, you’ll enroll in the program with your credit card, then send the purchase receipt to your claims department for reimbursement.

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People in our online community are thriving. Many have compared it to the sense of community among CrossFit athletes. Members support, encourage, and learn from one another. Our members tend to have a great sense of humor and really incorporate a lot of laughter and fun into things as well. We wouldn’t be MoveU without some laughter! Some of the connections in the community, and acts of support and caring have moved us to tears. Our team is active within the community, providing feedback and support continuously throughout your journey with the program.

The program is designed to teach you to test your own body to highlight imbalances and areas that need extra attention. It leaves you with balanced strength and flexibility by focusing on the body as a whole.