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June 2022

What Is Biofeedback and How Does it Work?

Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that can be used to help you control some of your body’s functions, such as heart rate or muscle tension. It is the process of increasing the awareness of the physiological functions of your own body. During a biofeedback session, you are connected to electrical sensors that provide you with information about your body to improve a health condition or physical performance.

How Does Biofeedback Work?

May 2022

Migraine Stretches: How to Find Relief from Headaches

Do you suffer from migraines or tension headaches? Have you had a difficult time trying to figure out how to relieve your pain? We get it! According to the Migraine Institute, 35 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches, and 43% of women and 18% of men will experience migraines during their lifetime. That’s a lot of people!

What Are the Benefits of Spreading Your Toes?

Get ready because we’re about to talk about feet. When was the last time you took off your shoes and had a good look at your toes? Well, you should! If you have any type of foot or toe injury, you need to learn about toe spreading.

The 15 Best Erector Spinae Muscles Exercises

Do you want to strengthen your erectors, also known as your back strap muscles? You should because those muscles hold you up! Your erectors ensure you are stable, strong, and aligned. Weak erectors can lead to poor posture and back pain.

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