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February 2023

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 101: How to Fix Hemorrhoids, Erectile Dysfunction, and IBS

What do hemorrhoids, erectile dysfunction (ED), and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) all have in common? They’re interlinked! Yes, if you have hemorrhoids, you might also experience ED, and people who have IBS can develop hemorrhoids. Okay, you might be thinking this isn’t exciting, and while we get it (pelvic floor issues can be tough) there are solutions to pelvic floor dysfunction. We go over pelvic floor dysfunction and […]

How to Stretch Your Rotator Cuff: 5 Best Movements to Prevent Injuries

Your rotator cuff is made up of tendons and muscles that keep the head of your upper-arm bone in your shoulder socket. It’s key for shoulder stability and allows your shoulder to rotate safely so you can do things like lift your arms up overhead and reach up. Basically, if you like to move your arms over your head you need to learn how to take care of […]

Your Guide on Squats for Lower Back Pain and Butt Winking

Doesn’t a butt wink sound cute? Despite its cute name, this common squatting mistake is actually a sign of muscle weakness and isn’t helping you squat. 

A butt wink happens when your butt curls under your body at the bottom of a squat (like you’re winking your butt). 

The results of this include excessive lower body and spinal flexion […]

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